Tango for beginners – group A1

Tango for beginners – group A1

Tango course for beginners (group A1) lasts 10 classes – meetings 1 times a week.

You will learn the basic elements of Argentine tango, and above all: contact in a couple (leading / following), walking and turn techniques (giro), and basic figures (ocho, salida, sandwich, cross).

After finishing the course, you will be able to continue learning in group A2.

Why we are meeting more than once a week?
Our experience shows that students who attend classes twice a week learn to dance 4 times faster. In this case regular classes give much better results in a shorter time.

Start: 28 Oktober 2019
When: Mondays 
Hours: 18:15 – 19.30
Price: 150 PLN – pass for 4 classes to be used within 30 days

We are enrolling in a new beginner group A1 -Start 28 Oktober 2019!!! 

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