Is it worth to learn Argentine tango?

For sure! Argentine tango is a social dance, we learn it to dance on milongas (tango parties) that take place in Warsaw every day, but also in every other big cities in Poland and abroad. Tango is not only a dance – it’s new friend and contacts, great music and a pleasant way of spending free time.

In addition to the regular milongas there are tango festivals and tango marathons in various places around the world. It is worth planning your vacation so that you can go to some local milonga. Beware you can become tango addictive!

So far, I have not dealt with any dance, can I learn tango?

Argentine tango is a dance for everyone, you do not need to have a before dance experience. You can start learning at any age. Maybe you will not reach the level of a professional dancer, but you will definitely become a social dancer which can dance in every corner of the world.

How long do I have to learn tango to dance on a milonga?

The basic course of Argentine Tango lasts two months – classes take place regularly, twice a week. To feel confident on the dance floor, you need about a year, up to two years of regular classes. When looking for perfection in tango, you can devote a lot of years to learning.

I do not have a partner to register with. Can I register and come to learn tango argentino solo?

Of course! Having a partner is not the main criterion for participation in classes. It is important to start learning. During the lesson, we always encourage the rotation of partners. Argentine tango is a social dance!

How should I dress for classes?

The most important thing is to wear clothes comfortable for you. The following will be uncomfortable:
– narrow, creping pants or skirts,
– shoes with rubber, non-twisting soles or with long toes. Shoes, however, must be comfortable, light and hold the foot well (but we do not recommend flaps or boots).
Rest is a matter of your taste.

I was already attending classes at a different schools of Argentine tango, can I extend my education at the school of El Navegador?

Yes you can. If you are interested in intermediate or advanced groups, please contact us to find out if we have free spots. We will also ask you about the dance experience and recommend classes whish fits you the most.

In school El Navegador do you teach Argentine tango only?

Yes. Our school only teaches Argentine tango. Nevertheless, as part of the classes you will also learn to dance tango-waltz and milonga. Tango is not only a hobby for us, it is our whole life – we do it professionally.