Tango school

Argentine tango was born from the longing of emigrants, who at the beginning of the 20th century came to Argentina and Uruguay in search of a better world. They shared their desires and dreams. Tango was about love, abandoned and unfulfilled. It hid personal life stories. It gave them joy by spending moments together.

Today there are many types of tango – including ballroom tango or Finnish tango – but it is Argentine tango that is considered as “authentic tango”.


In 2009, at the Fourth session of the International UNESCO Committee, tango as a complex of music, dance and poetry that characterize the Rio de la Plata region, was included in the list of the World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

At present, the popularity of Argentine tango and interest in both music and dance is increasing all over the world. This phenomenon you can also see in Warsaw, where milongas (tango nights) are held every day, and among social dances it occupies one of the highest places.


Our school El Navegador teaches social tango, which means that you do not need a regular partner to learn how to dance. We want our students to dance freely at milongas and international tango festivals and marathons in every corner of the world.

There are many styles of Argentine Tango that have developed at different times, and in different regions of Argentina. The main are:

Tango Milonguero. In this style, the partners dance in a very close embrace, giving away some of their weight to each other. They do not stand completely on their own axes, and partly dependent from each other.

Tango Nuevo. Also called “new tango”, which requires a professionally trained body and a large space on the dance floor. For this reason, it is often danced during shows, and rarely on crowded milongas (tango nights).
Tango Escenario. It’s a tango in which choreography is prepared before it is danced, with the intention of a show for viewers. Such tango has its own rules, quite different than in social styles – it is subordinated to the rules of the scene. Each step and character of the dance is directed.

At the school of Argentine tango El Navegador we teach to dance in the style of Tango Salon.


The Tango Salon style differs by more open position of dancing in couples than in a “close embrace”. This space gives possibility to do more relaxed and varied steps, figures and turns. It is a sophisticated style of tango, which, like the tango milonguero and nuevo, is built on the basic technique of guiding-going and improvisation. Harmoniously combines a close embrace and freedom of movement, allowing you to dance lightly and vigorously, even on the busiest milongas.

We have been teaching tango since 2008. Throughout this time, we have repeatedly participated in workshops and individual lessons with the best Argentinean maestros, thanks to which we have developed our own method of teaching this dance. The basis of our group lessons is the individual approach to each student, matched regardless of the previous dance experience. We build lessons in the way that knowing the basics of tango, our students can develop their individual style and become a creative tanguero. In addition, we constantly improve our skills because we are convinced that the development of the teacher has a key impact on the development of his students.


The name of our school is El Navegador, and the slogan is “tu GPS en la Pista” – why? – you will find the answer here .